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How often should I take Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup?

This question varies from person to person. Many people take 1 tablespoon per day (more at the onset of a cold or flu), but some only take it seasonally, or five times per week. It is completely up to you and how your body responds to it. We are all different. Our family takes 1 tablespoon per day (1 teaspoon per day for Sweet Adeline – she’s a toddler).

Is Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup safe for children to take, and how much?

Because of the raw honey in the elderberry syrup, children under the age of 1 should not take it. However, Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup can be customized and made without sugar or made with maple syrup instead. Please send us an email if you’re interested.

If your child is over the age of 1 and you have checked with your child’s doctor just to make sure, it should be fine. Our Sweet Adeline started taking it before she was 1 (made without honey) and has taken it daily ever since. Many people give their children 1 teaspoon per day.

Why isn’t Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup thicker?

Store bought elderberry syrup normally has some type of thickening agent in it that makes it thicker. We could add glycerin, glucose syrup, cane sugar, etc. to make our syrup thicker, but we want to make the cleanest product that we can for our family and yours.

How long does Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup last?

At this time, we are looking into 3rd party lab testing to prove that Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup can last longer than the 1 month we are saying. 3rd party testing is quite pricey, so please bear with us. In the meantime, our elderberry syrup lasts for 1 month in the refrigerator or 6 months in the freezer.

We love to freeze 1 tablespoon amounts in an ice cube tray and eat one straight out of the freezer. Because of the honey, the cubes of elderberry do not completely harden. Mmmm! You can also freeze the entire bottle, but we suggest taking out a couple tablespoons, removing the lid while it is freezing, and then adding the lid back after completely frozen.

Should I ask my doctor before taking Sweet Adeline’s Elderberry Syrup?

If you are taking immunosuppressants and have an autoimmune disorder, please check with your doctor before taking. Elderberries may boost your immune system, which could interfere with your immunosuppressants.

Additionally, please check with your doctor before taking if you’re nursing and/or pregnant and feel unsure about its safety.

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